Dominica - World Traveler Line

Dominica - World Traveler Line

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This colorway is being discontinued.  Please email if you have questions.


Climb high into the tropical mountains of Dominica, and you’ll find an unusual lake perpetually covered in mist.  That’s because the lake is boiling!  Heated by volcanic activity deep underground, the blue-gray waters never cool below 200 degrees.

This colorway is specifically dyed to be tonal.  There will be light and dark spots within the skein.  The variations in color are intentional.

Colors:  slate-blue

World Traveler

Weight:  Light Fingering
Fiber:  80% 19.5 micron Merino Superwash, 20% Nylon
Gauge:  7 – 8 sts = 1”, US 0 – 2 needles (2—2.75 mm)
Yardage:  approx. 450 yds/100 gm
Care:  Handwash cold, dry flat

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